Practice Lead, CEE, Russia and Eurasia
Alexander Smotrov

Alexander is Global Counsel’s Practice Lead on Russia, Eurasia, Central and Eastern Europe.

Prior to joining Global Counsel, Alexander worked for ten years as chief UK correspondent at the leading Russian news agency, RIA Novosti, covering UK and international politics and Russian businesses globally. Prior to working in the UK, he worked for RIA Novosti in Moscow and Prague.

At Global Counsel, Alexander advises international clients on Russian market entry, the impact of Russian sanctions and navigating Russian policymaking. He also supports the Global Counsel Europe team with his expertise in CEE politics and policymaking. Alexander specialises in the TMT, pharmaceuticals, aviation and travel industries.

Latest Insights by Alexander Smotrov

General Politics

Crimea: lost but not found

General Politics

Last week marked the fifth anniversary of the Russian annexation of Crimea from Ukraine (referred to as “accession” in Russia itself). President Putin descended on to Crimean soil to mark the date by opening new power stations while Moscow staged a three-day street festival to remember the Crimean “homecoming”. However, the public mood both in Crimea and in Moscow is…

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General Politics

The real challenge of Romania's first EU presidency

General Politics

Romania’s presidency of the EU Council - formally launching this week - has already received a dose of high-profile scepticism both in Brussels and Bucharest. Politicians ranging from president Juncker to president Iohannis expressed doubts about Romania’s preparedness for its first ever stint at the helm of the EU, 12 years after its accession. In fairness, it will not…

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