Practice Lead, CEE, Russia and Eurasia
Alexander Smotrov

Alexander is Global Counsel’s Practice Lead on Russia, Eurasia, Central and Eastern Europe.

Prior to joining Global Counsel, Alexander worked for ten years as chief UK correspondent at the leading Russian news agency, RIA Novosti, covering UK and international politics and Russian businesses globally. Prior to working in the UK, he worked for RIA Novosti in Moscow and Prague.

At Global Counsel, Alexander advises international clients on Russian market entry, the impact of Russian sanctions and navigating Russian policymaking. He also supports the Global Counsel Europe team with his expertise in CEE politics and policymaking. Alexander specialises in the TMT, pharmaceuticals, aviation and travel industries.

Latest Insights by Alexander Smotrov

General Politics

Navigating Russian and Chinese “vaccine diplomacy” in the CEE and Western Balkans

General Politics

The covid-19 vaccine rollout in Central and Eastern Europe, including the Western Balkans, has not been immune to politicisation. Vaccination is seen as a powerful tool to accelerate post-covid economic recovery alongside stimulus packages, but with Russia and China getting involved, some compare it to the debate on national security concerns about critical infrastructure…

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TMT icon

Bye, .BY: how Belarus could lose its lucrative IT industry


The nationwide protests and industrial strikes that followed the controversial presidential elections in Belarus continue. The outcome of this unprecedented expression of public dissatisfaction with President Alexander Lukashenko and his grip on the country is, however, not yet clear. Lukashenko may still cling on to power – at least for the time-being - relying on his…

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General Politics

Values and transparency

General Politics

The new Commission faces a complex European political landscape. Eurosceptic parties from many member states will put pressure on their governments after performing strongly in May’s European Parliament election, even if they are struggling to translate this into power in the parliament itself. Tensions have increased between eastern and western member states on migration…

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