Senior Associate

Anikó is a Senior Associate in the CEE, Russia and Eurasia practice in Global Counsel. Anikó has more than a decade of experience in political and public policy analysis, chiefly focusing on investment promotion, European integration, cross-cutting issues in international development cooperation and political communication. She has advised senior politicians and policymakers in her various roles in the Hungarian foreign service and the EEAS, working in Hungary, Belgium, Japan, and most recently in the UK. 

At Global Counsel Anikó will focus on developments in the Baltic, Central European and Western Balkan regions, advising clients in the pharmaceutical, telecommunications and energy sectors.

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General Politics

Money, power and respect in the EU’s latest crisis

General Politics

After relief at the agreement on EU spending priorities for 2021-27, the Brussels establishment was caught off-guard last week by vetoes from Hungary and Poland over the obscure-sounding “rule of law conditionality”. A requirement of the European Parliament and of a qualified majority of member states, this affects a tiny proportion of the €1.8 trn package, effectively…

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