Ben Bassett

Ben is an Associate in Global Counsel's Washington, DC office. He has a background in political science and has experience in political consulting and issue & policy advocacy.

Prior to joining Global Counsel, Ben worked at a DC-based consulting firm where his work revolved around research, communications, and government relations for a broad portfolio of clients from diverse industries, including government, technology, art, media, and logistics.

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Does the election actually matter for the US energy transition?

Energy & Commodities

There is no doubt that the US will be key to global decarbonisation and for the energy sector, the upcoming American elections in November will be a turning point. While it is clear that a returned President Trump would not actively seek to reduce emissions in a second term, net-zero expectations from other major states have nevertheless moved ahead without his version of…

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Drivers of change in US education policy in the wake of covid-19

General Policy

The US education system has been irrevocably altered in the wake of the covid-19 pandemic as students of all ages have been forced into remote learning environments. The nation is grappling with how to educate in this new reality and if/how to bring students back to classrooms in the autumn. In the midst of these policy discussions there are four issues that could be real…

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What could a Biden presidency accomplish in a post-covid-19 world?

General Policy

Although former vice president, Joe Biden, had campaigned largely as a restorationist candidate who would return the US to the Obama era, covid-19 has forced Biden to now do much more than just that. If elected in November, Biden’s presidency would be largely evaluated on his response to the pandemic and what actions he takes to ensure the US is better prepared against…

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