Senior Associate

Ben is a Senior Associate in the Washington, DC office. He previously worked at a DC-based consulting firm where his work revolved around research, communications, and government relations for a broad portfolio of clients, including government, technology, art, media, and logistics.

At Global Counsel, Ben works with corporate and investor clients across a range of US policy issues. 

Recent examples of his work include: 

  • Providing political and policy analysis to private equity investors considering assets in the financial services, manufacturing, healthcare, and education sectors. 
  • Supporting international corporates to understand their exposure to US policy and regulatory developments.  
  • Developing content breaking down recent US policy development and their implications on industry. 

Latest Insights by Ben Bassett

Financial services icon

The IRA and GDIP: Much more than just a subsidy war

Financial Services

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) has fired the starting gun on what is likely to be a new era of industrial policy around the green transition and, set alongside the CHIPS Act and Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, marks a wide shift in US policy. It has also triggered an anxious response from the EU with the Green Deal Industrial Plan (GDIP), and although they are often…

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General Policy icon

With West Virginia v. EPA, US Supreme Court curtails the power of the administrative state – and it’s not over yet

General Policy

In what has proved to be one of the most consequential terms in recent decades, the US Supreme Court capped its 2021-2022 term by issuing a decision in West Virginia v. EPA, a case centred around the US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) efforts to regulate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the US power sector. The decision once again reflected the now-fully-formed…

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The reality facing the energy transition

Energy & Commodities

Although the Biden administration has prioritized the US energy transition like no previous administration has, we are seeing a surge in fossil fuel extraction, export, and use. The Russian invasion of Ukraine and pandemic-related supply chain bottlenecks have inflamed US fossil usage. But the geopolitical imperative to export energy to US allies held captive to Russian…

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