Benjamin is Global Counsel’s CEO, co-founder and leads the business. He supports client teams working on issues ranging from technology and media to natural resources and real estate.

Benjamin has a background in business and politics with a career split between working in the media and the UK government. His last role in government was as the Director of Strategic Communications for the British Prime Minister between 2005-7. Previously, he worked in the Department of Trade and Industry, and the Cabinet Office. His business career includes roles in publishing for both established media companies and digital start-ups.

Recent examples of his work include:

  • Advising the senior leadership of a major software company seeking to engage with European policymakers to explain their contribution to the digital economy.
  • Working with an international hospitality business to help senior management navigate the policy challenges presented by covid-19 in Europe.
  • Supporting a global investor understand the political risk of a transaction in the UK life sciences market.

Latest Insights by Benjamin Wegg-Prosser

General Politics

Is Starmer breaking through the tartan ceiling?

General Politics

It’s the simplest of one-fact stories: Labour cannot secure a majority in Westminster without a significant number of parliamentary seats in Scotland. In 2010 Labour slumped to 29% of the vote in the UK and lost 91 seats nationwide, but still picked up 41 Scottish seats out of the 59 contested, and 42% of the vote. Fast forward five years and Labour were left with one…

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General Politics

Ukraine-Russia: Inside Kyiv and Moscow

General Politics

Global Counsel Managing Director Benjamin Wegg-Prosser is joined by Owen Matthews, Newsweek’s former Moscow correspondent, and Sergii Drobysh, a Ukraine-based political analyst, to discuss Russia's shifting internal politics and the mood inside a besieged Ukraine.

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General Politics

Russia-Ukraine: the impact on Asia with Bilahari Kausikan

General Politics

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has provoked one of the strongest non-military reactions from the West seen in decades. What explains Asian reactions to the invasions, and how are their economies coping with the fallout on global supply chains and energy markets? And what lessons will China take from this in regard to its rivalry with the West?

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Financial services icon

Russia – Ukraine: how much worse can it get?

Financial Services

Benjamin Wegg-Prosser and Rebecca Park are joined by Chris Weafer, a Moscow-based investment strategist and founding partner of Macro-Advisory, to talk through the sanctions’ impact on corporates and investors and the specific challenges they face in Russia and the wider region.

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