Practice Lead, Trade
Daniel Caparelli

Daniel is Global Counsel’s manufacturing and trade policy Practice Lead. Daniel has worked on cross-border policy issues for over a decade in a wide range of sectors, including financial services, manufacturing and agriculture. He has advised the European Parliament Trade Committee on market access and financial regulation, including on the ratification of EU trade agreements, such as the EU-Korea FTA. Daniel is also a Research Associate at ECIPE in Brussels.

At Global Counsel, Daniel leads teams advising financial services, manufacturing and agribusiness clients on trade policy issues, with a particular focus on market access and compliance frameworks such as rules of origin. Daniel also works with a number of clients on anticipating and adapting to policy and regulatory changes in Europe, Asia and Africa.

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EU-China trade defence: the politics of legal ambiguity

Trade & Manufacturing

China’s recent withdrawal of its challenge to the EU’s new methodology for calculating domestic prices in trade defence cases concerning China sidesteps what was looking like a probable defeat in the WTO. In doing so it leaves a measure of ambiguity in an important part of the WTO rulebook. The EU might have preferred a clear win, but no clear judgement also serves an…

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Living with a changing US approach to trade policy

Trade & Manufacturing

WORLD: Following an event with European Commission DG Trade representative with businesses, trade unions and EU member states representatives, Global Counsel Senior Director, Stephen Adams, Head of Europe, Tom White and Practice Lead for Trade, Daniel Capparelli, discuss EU-US trade tensions, including Trump’s trade policy and new trade agreement negotiations, challenges…

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The EU’s new China strategy: Trumpism à la Bruxelles?

General Policy

Viewed from Brussels, April 2019 marks an inflection point in the EU’s strategic approach to China. By all accounts, EU institutions and member states managed to display unprecedented unity in protracted and difficult negotiations with Beijing ahead of the EU-China summit, confounding expectations to secure a set of important Chinese commitments towards a more reciprocal…

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