Erin Caddell

Erin leads Global Counsel’s efforts in the US from its office in Washington, DC.

Prior to joining Global Counsel in 2020, Erin served for eight years as director of research with Capstone LLC, a policy analysis firm based in Washington. Before Capstone, Erin built a 15-year career in investment management, investment banking, equity research and journalism in Washington, New York and New Hampshire.

At Global Counsel, Erin advises US-based and multi-national corporates and investors on the ways in which federal and state government action will affect their operations and holdings in the US in the near, medium and long-term, across a range of regulated industries. Erin also coordinates with GC’s international network of analysts to provide insights on global policy issues for US clients.

Latest Insights by Erin Caddell

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US policy update: US business support measures and election update

General Policy

This US election cycle, GC team members in the Washington, DC and London offices are holding a series of conversations on the elections and wider US policy issues, and how each might impact investors and companies on both sides of the Atlantic. Below is a brief extract from the fourth conversation in the series, which began by analysing the $2.2tr stimulus package signed…

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Seven lockdowns

General Policy

Along with many of our clients, family and friends, GC staff have found themselves under varying levels of quarantine this week, in some cases far from home. Here some of the team consider the covid-19 politics and policies playing out around them.

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Will CFIUS stand by as US trophy assets come up for sale?

Financial Services

Like many government institutions, the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) normally goes about its business in relative obscurity, tasked in its case with reviewing proposed investments by foreign entities in US assets important to national security. Chaired by the US Treasury Department, CFIUS is comprised of representatives of other federal…

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