Frederick is an Associate in the Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia practice. Frederick has worked in the UK and overseas for political organisations, businesses and NGOs. He is a University College London graduate of Russian Language and Eastern European studies, and King’s College London MSc graduate in Russian economic and political science. 

At Global Counsel, Frederick monitors and provides advice to clients about political developments, policy and regulatory changes across the region. 

Recent examples of his work include:

  • Advising social media platforms and tech companies about the impact of Russian digital regulation on their operations.
  • Helping an innovative US manufacturing company assess potential investments opportunities in Russia prior to its decision to expand operations.
  • Assessing how regional economic shifts, both present and forecasted, impact a pharmaceutical client’s operations in Central and Eastern Europe.

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Could rising energy prices leave the industry out in the cold?

Energy & Commodities

Energy prices have been rising across the world over the past weeks. Energy prices fluctuations have already occurred in the past, but this time the world is emerging from a global pandemic and high gas and power prices could hamper recovery. End consumers impoverished by covid-19 are now faced with higher bills, and businesses are either pushed out of the market or…

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Russia, going for green?


When President Vladimir Putin declared in 2020 that climate change was a critical, manmade threat to Russia, he took many observers by surprise. Until then, climate change in Russia was often spoken of as a potential positive, given its frozen northern land and sea. But with COP26 approaching, Russia appears to be relatively serious about its route map for its low carbon…

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What the Tech: the US-Russia digital controversies


In a bonus episode, Miranda Lutz, Senior Associate in our US office is joined by Frederick Michell, Associate in the Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia practice, to discuss the implications of US-Russia relations on the tech industry.

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Sugar over sanctions: how rising prices impact Russian policy

General Policy

This is the first part in Global Counsel’s series on the Russian parliamentary elections this September. Each part discusses how government policy and decision-making is being impacted by the election build-up and what this means for businesses and companies whose operations are linked to Russia. Sign up here to hear more about our future events, podcasts and blogs on…

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