Gregor Irwin

Gregor is the Director of the Global Group and the Chief Economist at Global Counsel. He advises clients on how political and policy developments impact on the economic and commercial environment they are operating in. He leads teams supporting clients in Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, and working on global macro, climate and sustainability issues.

He has over 20 years of experience working on international economic and political issues in the public and private sectors and as an academic. Before joining Global Counsel in 2014, he was the Chief Economist of the British Foreign Ministry for six years and, before that, he worked for the Bank of England and the British Treasury. Earlier in his career he worked as an academic at Oxford University.

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Push and pull economics of climate investor activism

Energy & Commodities

Bill Gates says climate activists are wasting their time trying to encourage divestment from companies involved with fossil fuels. The impact on emissions to date, according to Gates, is probably zero. Instead, activists should focus their efforts on backing new technologies that will either slow carbon emissions or reduce their impact on the climate. In short, more…

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The ECB can't match the Fed

Financial Services

The European Central Bank (ECB) and the Fed are both worried about stubbornly low inflation and a weakening outlook. They are both signalling that they will turn the policy dial back towards a looser monetary stance. But the differences in the political circumstances and the institutional constraints facing each are stark. They suggest the Fed is much better positioned to…

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Is inflation targeting dead?

General Policy

The consensus underpinning monetary policy in advanced economies over the past 30 years is weakening, with challenges from both the left and the right, and from within the central banking community. The implications are potentially far-reaching, including for institutional arrangements and the independence of central banks. Some central banks are more vulnerable to…

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General Politics

Are competition regimes ripe for change?

General Politics

Global Counsel Chief Economist, Gregor Irwin, and Head of Europe, Tom White, discuss Gregor's recent blog on why policymakers are coming under increasing pressure to reform competition regimes.

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