Group Director

Gregor is the Director of the Global Group and the Chief Economist. He has previously worked at the British Foreign Office, the Bank of England, the British Treasury and at Oxford University. 

At GC, Gregor advises clients on how political and policy developments impact on the economic and commercial environment they are operating in. 

Recent examples of his work include:

  • Advising a client on how to refocus and strengthen its strategy for attracting inward investment and on identifying and approaching potential international investors.  
  • Supporting an international trade association as it develops its strategy and messaging on EU policies, in an environment where geopolitics is creating new risks and opportunities. 
  • Helping a client to develop a new approach to long-term investing that will encourage more investment in productive assets and help to address economic and social challenges.

Latest Insights by Gregor Irwin

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Road to recovery dashboard

General Policy

Global Counsel’s recovery dashboard takes the pulse of the global economy. It shows how hot or cold the current recovery is in historical perspective with regards to industrial production, trade, confidence and growth. The dashboard also draws on high frequency data to show the current state of disruption and rebound in G20 economies. In addition, it relies on latest…

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Making Open Strategic Autonomy work – European Trade in a Geopolitical World

Trade & Manufacturing

Global Counsel has supported the European Roundtable of Industrialists in producing a flagship report on the EU’s trade policy and the challenges faced in more complex geopolitical environment. The report argues that being open to trade is a source of strength for supply chains, rather than weakness, and suggests how the EU might best put into practice its new policy of…

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The strategic logic behind the EU’s investment deal with China

General Policy

In late December, the EU concluded a comprehensive agreement on investment (CAI) with China. The deal is controversial, not so much because of its economic content, but because of what it says about the EU’s priorities and because of its potential geopolitical implications. Are these concerns valid?

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Prospects for UK recovery: vaccines versus the second wave

General Policy

Gregor Irwin, Chief Economist, examines the prospects for the UK recovery from covid-19 in the wake of the rollout of vaccines, looking at the immediate prospects for recovery, longer term issues, and implications for asset prices and financial markets.

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