Senior Associate

Isabelle is a Senior Associate in the global macro practice and Global Counsel’s lead Africa analyst. Before joining GC, Isabelle worked as a consultant supporting investors with commercial due diligence processes in Africa and the Middle East. She previously ran an international disability charity active in West Africa. In addition to English, Isabelle speaks German, French and basic Italian.

At GC, Isabelle supports clients in navigating the politics and economics of Sub-Saharan Africa, with insight into individual countries, continent-wide trends as well the geopolitics of the region. 

Recent examples of her work include: 

  • Contrasting attitudes to foreign investment, political stability, and regulatory frameworks in three different countries to aid a financial services client with business expansion efforts.
  • Identifying relevant health sector stakeholders in a West African country and providing insight into engagement opportunities for a client looking to launch a new initiative.
  • Analysing the IMF’s new common framework on debt to help clients understand how this might impact the macroeconomic environment of markets they are active in.

Latest Insights by Isabelle Trick

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South Africa’s week of unrest – a bellwether for more pandemic protests?

General Policy

One month ago, South Africa experienced the most severe unrest since the end of Apartheid in 1994. It left more than 330 dead, 40,000 businesses looted, burnt, or vandalised, and caused at least $3.4 bn in economic damage. The government was forced to deploy 25,000 troops to regain control. The circumstances in South Africa were unique. However, South Africa’s week of…

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All talk and no action? The G20 beyond corporate tax

General Policy

G20 finance ministers and central bank governors met on July 9th and 10th in a meeting that has received significant coverage due to one reason: the group endorsed the new international tax deal previously agreed by the G7 and OECD. While historic, this means less attention has been paid to other G20 priorities. Global vaccine access, climate finance and low-income…

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Could an intellectual property waiver boost Africa's vaccine rollout?

Trade & Manufacturing

Elly Darkin, Associate in the Trade & Manufacturing Practice, and Isabelle Trick, Senior Associate in the Global Macro Practice, discuss vaccine rollout in Africa and whether a temporary intellectual property waiver for vaccines will help or hinder efforts to vaccinate Africa and the wider developing world.

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General Politics

COVAX or bust? Accessing coronavirus vaccines in Africa

General Politics

On March 8th, global vaccine leader Israel had administered 102 vaccine doses per 100 people. The UK had administered 35 per 100, the US 28. Up until that point, Africa had managed to give out 0.38 doses per 100 people. This is because vaccination campaigns only started in the first week of March in many African countries, after receiving their first doses of vaccines…

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