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Jack is a Senior Associate in Global Counsel’s TMT Practice focused on EU politics and policy. Jack has spent a number of years advising clients on policy issues relating to internet regulation. He cut his teeth working the revision of the EU Copyright Directive, as well as other intellectual property policy issues relating to mobile technologies, and competition cases. He has also spent time working as a political group official in the European Parliament’s Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee, where he conducted negotiations on a number of pieces of single market legislation.

At Global Counsel, he is currently helping tech companies navigate the EU’s flagship proposals regulating digital services and online competition, as well as broader questions about how the EU will achieve its ‘Digital Decade’ ambitions. Data, privacy and artificial intelligence are likewise areas of interest.

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What could EU tech policy look like after the European elections?


This week on Top in Tech, we're completing our mini-series exploring significant elections in the UK, US, and EU and their possible impacts on technology policy and regulation. Conan D'Arcy is joined by Jack Keevill to discuss the tech policy implications of the 2024 EU elections. Will the EU's “techlash” continue with the same momentum after the elections, and what…

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