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Jens  Presthus

Jens is a Senior Associate in Global Counsel’s global macro team. While the team’s coverage spans all markets, he focuses on the economics and politics of China and the wider Asian region. This includes helping European and US corporates understand the geopolitics of Asia and its impact on the business environment. He previously worked as a consultant and project manager in the financial services sector, assisting private equity firms with industry mapping in their pre and post-acquisition due diligence processes. 

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The looming risks of China’s corporate social credit system

General Policy

China’s corporate social credit system (SCS) is set to be rolled out on a large scale this year. It rates, sanctions and rewards companies operating in China based on a long list of metrics and imposes strict rules that Beijing says aim to root out “untrustworthy” companies. With the social credit system, it could be argued that Beijing is also more strictly enforcing…

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ASEAN and the rise of China’s southwest

Trade & Manufacturing

Beijing announced this summer it would establish new free-trade zones in the country’s southwest. This represents a significant development in China’s strategy to boost growth and expand its influence in Southeast Asia through its Belt and Road Initiative. China’s eastern provinces have until now been at the core of Beijing’s “opening up” strategy. But now, amid the…

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General Politics

China in Europe: systemic rival or strategic partner?

General Politics

Last week’s EU-China summit and 17+1 meeting underscored something interesting in how China’s relationships with the EU and individual European states are developing. While a group of influential EU states view Beijing as a “systemic rival promoting alternative models of governance”, several EU and non-EU states increasingly see China as a strategic partner.

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