Senior Associate
Jens  Presthus

Jens is a Senior Associate in the global macro practice. He previously worked in investment research and has experience supporting investors during early and late-stage due diligence processes.

At Global Counsel, Jens advises clients on macroeconomic, political and geopolitical developments. He leads on China analysis and also focuses on South and Southeast Asia. As a Norwegian native, Jens covers political developments in the Scandinavian countries and is fluent in all three languages.

Recent examples of his work include:

  • Supporting financial services companies navigate political and geopolitical developments and changing macroeconomic trends in emerging markets.
  • Advising corporates in the extractives industry on market entry in both developed and emerging markets.
  • Working with a large European industrial advocacy body to develop policy and market strategy for the group’s 50+ members.

Latest Insights by Jens Presthus

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Making Open Strategic Autonomy work – European Trade in a Geopolitical World

Trade & Manufacturing

Global Counsel has supported the European Roundtable of Industrialists in producing a flagship report on the EU’s trade policy and the challenges faced in more complex geopolitical environment. The report argues that being open to trade is a source of strength for supply chains, rather than weakness, and suggests how the EU might best put into practice its new policy of…

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After Alaska: tech investment and US-China tensions


The meeting between US and Chinese officials in Alaska on March 19th left little doubt that the new Biden administration does not mean a quick rapprochement between Beijing and Washington. If anything, Chinese officials upped the ante by making it clear that they see little downside to taking a tough line and signalling that China will emerge confident from covid-19. …

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The China angle to the EU-China investment deal

General Policy

The conclusion in principle of the EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment (CAI) has been controversial. Many have wondered why the EU wanted to hastily finalise negotiations less than a month before Joe Biden could attempt to revive transatlantic cooperation, including on China. Questions about Beijing’s intentions have received less attention because there has…

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Russia and China tackle internet regulation


Senior Associate, Jens Presthus, and Associate, Frederick Michell, join Senior Director, Stephen Adams, to look at internet regulation in China and Russia. They explore how digital companies, both foreign and domestic, could be affected by future regulation and how each country plans to tackle misinformation. Their discussion highlights that the two countries, whilst…

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