Senior Associate

Johnny is a Senior Associate in the UK politics and policy practice. He previously ran for parliament in 2019 and worked on policy in both the private and public sector, including leading a national charity and serving in four government departments covering business, trade, digital and Brexit policies. 

At Global Counsel, Johnny works with clients across a range of sectors with a particular focus on emerging UK policy programmes impacting on businesses. 

Recent examples of his work include: 

  • Advising companies in the financial services sector on the drivers behind immigration policy. 
  • Working with a major food and drink representative body to liaise within industry and the government on their response to the national food strategy.
  • Providing a monitoring service to clients on latest covid policy developments in the UK.

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Will Generative AI be welcomed or banned in education?


With Generative AI seemingly growing in popularity, Conan D’Arcy is joined by Johnny Luk to discuss how the sector, policymakers and the public are reacting to this technology. This episode also describes the research conducted by Global Counsel's Research and Insights team in June, which includes focus groups with two groups of undecided swing voters in two marginal…

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The Housing Crisis: No easy fix?

General Policy

On June 9th, Boris Johnson made a landmark speech aiming to reset the UK policy agenda after months of ‘partygate’ headaches. The headline policy included plans to extend the Right-to-Buy reforms first introduced by Margaret Thatcher in the 1980s, allowing more people to buy their homes at a discount, alongside a slew of other measures to encourage more financial access…

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The future of connected fitness

Health and Life Sciences

It was the must-have accessory for the chattering classes through the early days of the pandemic, but Peloton, the producer of pricey exercise bikes and the poster child of the connected fitness industry, has suffered a post-lockdown fall from grace. 

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