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Lilah is a senior associate in the UK policy and politics team at Global Counsel. Lilah has spent the last two years advising government in the Chief Whip’s Office during Theresa May’s premiership, and latterly in the Northern Ireland Office under the current government.

In the Chief Whip’s Office she worked on the government’s whole legislative agenda, with a particular emphasis on working opposition over EU exit legislation. While advising the Northern Ireland Secretary she worked predominantly on policy issues and stakeholder engagement, focusing on the issues surrounding EU exit and the Irish border, and the restoration of the devolved institutions. 
Prior to this she worked for several MPs in parliament and in Conservative Central Office. 

At Global Counsel Lilah advises clients navigating UK policymaking and politics, helping companies anticipate and adapt to the development of government policy. She advises clients across a wide range on policy areas from the energy sector to retail, bringing insight into government thinking and messaging.

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What decisions are needed for the UK to achieve its hydrogen ambitions?

Energy & Commodities

With the prime minister set to make a set-piece speech next week on how the UK meets its net-zero commitment, the big question remains how far he will emphasise the importance of hydrogen to the country’s green ambitions. Pressure has been ratcheting up in the context of Europe and China committing substantial funds to hydrogen in their recovery plans, but the UK has not…

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