Practice Director

Matt leads Global Counsel's UK political due diligence practice. He previously worked at a thinktank in London and the Economist Intelligence Unit. Matt has experience working across a wide range of policy fields, as well as UK and EU politics and policy. 

At GC, Matt advises investors on the political and policy implications of asset purchases. 

Recent examples of his work include: 

  • Advising a private equity client on the UK and Brexit implications of the planned purchase of an asset in the medcomms sector.  
  • Analysing government proposals on changes to audit and corporate governance, and advising clients of their implications for the corporate sector. 
  • Providing analysis clients on the medium-term outlook for UK politics and the implications of government and opposition policy proposals.

Latest Insights by Matt Bevington

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Unpacking the UK's Autumn Statement

General Policy

UK Chancellor Jeremy Hunt announced the long-awaited Autumn Statement yesterday, detailing the new government’s tax and spend commitments alongside the OBR’s economic forecast. The delay of the budget provided Sunak and Hunt with more time to agree on areas of public spending to potentially cut. It seeks to demonstrate the economic competence and fiscal credibility that…

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General Politics

While Conservatives fight among themselves, Labour is optimistic about the next election. But is the optimism justified?

General Politics

There is an unusual and unfamiliar mood in the Labour Party these days: optimism. Labour has held an unbroken lead over the Conservatives in the polls for the past seven months. Since autumn of last year, Labour leader Keir Starmer has led Boris Johnson on perceptions of who would make the best Prime Minister. Labour has pulled more or less level with the Conservatives on…

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General Politics

Biden baulks on carried interest — might UK policymakers take a different approach?

General Politics

Announcing his American Families Plan in April, President Biden pledged “to close the carried interest loophole so that hedge fund partners will pay ordinary income rates on their income just like every other worker”. Yet the draft reconciliation bill that appeared from Congressional Democrats on Thursday included a range of new taxes on high earners but replaced Biden’s…

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