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Miranda Lutz

Miranda Lutz is a Senior Associate in Global Counsel's Washington, DC office. Miranda has experience covering a wide range of policy issues including technology, trade, energy, environment, immigration, financial services, defence, and international affairs.  

Prior to joining Global Counsel Miranda worked at Deloitte, counselling the firm's senior executives on US and foreign policy issues. She oversaw Deloitte's Regulatory Affairs programme and served on the open source analysis team delivering predictive intelligence to help the firm mitigate risk and leverage new opportunities. Miranda also spent over three years working in the US House of Representatives advising Members of Congress who served on the Ways & Means and Foreign Affairs committees. 

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Can the US reshore semiconductor manufacturing?

Trade & Manufacturing

The covid-19 pandemic has ignited calls to reallocate critical supply chains away from China which could result in policy changes that fundamentally transform the semiconductor industry. Amid rising US-China tensions and the need to reinvigorate the US economy, Congress and President Donald Trump are poised to make sizable investments in the microchip industry to enhance…

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Drivers of change in US education policy in the wake of covid-19

General Policy

The US education system has been irrevocably altered in the wake of the covid-19 pandemic as students of all ages have been forced into remote learning environments. The nation is grappling with how to educate in this new reality and if/how to bring students back to classrooms in the autumn. In the midst of these policy discussions there are four issues that could be real…

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US policy update: prospects for further US stimulus and the race for the Senate

General Policy

This US election cycle, GC team members in the Washington, DC and London offices are holding a series of conversations on the elections and wider US policy issues, and how each might impact investors and companies on both sides of the Atlantic. Below is a brief extract from the sixth conversation in the series, which explored the prospect of further US stimulus and the…

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The GOP tries to flip the script on climate change


Heading into the 2020 elections, the Democrats have a clear lead over the Republicans in voter confidence in their handling of energy and environmental policy. Joe Biden leads Donald Trump on both policy themes by substantial margins (see charts). 

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