Senior Practice Lead, Financial services

Rebecca is the Senior Practice Lead for the financial services practice. Rebecca has worked in both law and public policy advising financial services firms on policy and regulation. She previously served as director of corporate affairs for the banking and finance trade body, UK Finance, leading on the organisation’s public policy and communication strategy in the UK and internationally. She also served as a member of the Executive Committee for the European Banking Federation. Prior to this, Rebecca worked as a solicitor advising investors and asset managers on real asset funds, joint ventures, and investments.

At Global Counsel, Rebecca leads teams advising clients navigating financial services policymaking assisting clients with understanding both the risks and opportunities.

Recent examples of her work include:

  • Supporting traditional financial services firms and fintechs to understand how the UK government is developing its post-Brexit regulatory framework and advising them on how to influence and shape the agenda.
  • Advising firms and trade associations on the UK and European agenda for retail banking and payments and how this may impact business operations.
  • Helping clients understand the emerging risks and opportunities from the growing regulatory and legislative interventions designed to protect consumers from fraud an providing counsel on policy and advocacy interventions to influence the debate.

Latest Insights by Rebecca Park

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GC's 2021 Reading List

General Policy

At the end of each year, the Global Counsel team has a tradition of sharing among ourselves a selection of our favourite articles, books and podcasts. We also share the list with our network in what has become a staple of GC holiday communications. Some of this informs our day jobs, but most of it can also be filed against the (very) interesting times we live in.

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General Politics

Boris Johnson’s conference friends and business foes

General Politics

Another October, another party conference season is over in the UK. With a speech to the Conservative faithful in the Manchester hall, the Prime Minister set out what the second half of his parliamentary term might look like. Crucially, while he gave details of what he wanted to do, questions about the cost of living, the NHS backlog and net-zero ahead of the October…

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UK Plc can't ignore the reputational risks of inflation

Financial Services

UK businesses should be concerned by energy price spikes being experienced in Britain, not just because of the impact on their bottom lines, but also because of the reputational issues that come from skyrocketing prices. The UK government ignores the rising cost of living crisis at its peril, but crucially so does business. With the gas price hike in the domestic market,…

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How much do YOU know about inflation?

Financial Services

Rishi Patel, Practice Lead for Policy Communications, Stephen Adams, Senior Director and Rebecca Park, Senior Practice Lead for Financial Services discuss new research commissioned by Global Counsel looking at public attitudes to inflation, price rises and the cost of living.

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