Tom  White

Tom runs Global Counsel’s Europe team from its office in Brussels. Tom has overall responsibility for Global Counsel’s work with the EU institutions and governments in the EU27.

Before joining Global Counsel, Tom gained more than a decade of experience in the UK government, including overseas postings to Vienna and Brussels, where he was responsible for negotiating single market regulations and common policies on tax and investment incentives.

Tom has particular expertise in the policy frameworks for financial services, manufacturing, technology, media and telecoms sectors. He supports clients in navigating regulatory processes and in delivering public policy advocacy campaigns in Brussels and across the EU.

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EU infrastructure policy: Key considerations for investors

Energy & Commodities

A key challenge for the European Union’s 2019-2024 policy cycle will be to secure a larger share of the economic opportunities offered by new technologies, in a more explicit race with the United States and China. Hopes in the previous cycle that this could be secured by a new generation of start-ups and by establishing the EU as a global regulator are being replaced by a…

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Living with a changing US approach to trade policy

Trade & Manufacturing

WORLD: Following an event with European Commission DG Trade representative with businesses, trade unions and EU member states representatives, Global Counsel Senior Director, Stephen Adams, Head of Europe, Tom White and Practice Lead for Trade, Daniel Capparelli, discuss EU-US trade tensions, including Trump’s trade policy and new trade agreement negotiations, challenges…

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