China-Europe relations: risks and opportunities for global businesses

As tensions between the US and China increase, Europe is finding itself in an increasingly challenging position. The EU’s newfound “strategic autonomy” shows it is not interested in just replicating US policy towards China, while London’s “special relationship” with Washington makes it even harder for it to draw its own path. This uncertain environment is also impacting Beijing, which has to navigate relations with a less united Europe. Importantly, these developments are not just about great power politics. But increasingly also global businesses and investors, who find themselves caught in the crosshair.

Global Counsel and the Center for China and Globalization hosted a virtual in-conversation between Lord Mandelson, Chairman, Global Counsel; and Dr. Huiyao Wang, Founder and President of Center for China and Globalization (CCG) and Counsellor to China's State Council.

The two discussed topics such as:

  • The direction of future Europe-China relations – what is driving foreign policy in Beijing and Europe’s capitals
  • How does this translate into defensive and offensive commercial policies, such as investment screening and bilateral investment agreements? Are we moving towards a more favourable or challenging environment for foreign businesses in both Europe and China?
  • What does Chinese enterprises and investors need to consider when doing business in Europe – and vice versa in China?

Modernising SPS Controls: Challenges and Opportunities for the UK's new Trusted Trader Schemes


In-person conference in London convened by clearBorder and Global Counsel to discuss SPS controls in the Target Operating Model (TOM). The agenda explores what policy needs and what technology can do to improve one of the world's most dynamic and complex borders. We will also be joined by Adrian Jones, CEO, and Elise Elan, Market Development Director - Future Borders, Capita.