Poland and Central Europe: black sheep or unicorn?

Tom White, Director, Global Counsel was joined by Stanisław Pietrzak, CEC Group’s Director, Intelligence; and Anikó Zsebik, Senior Associate for Central and Eastern Europe, Global Counsel. They looked at the root causes of the current challenges, the domestic debate in CEE countries and discussed possible scenarios for the short and medium-term.

During the discussion they focused on the following areas:

- How realistic are fears for ‘Polexit’? What factors define Poland’s EU membership? Where is the room for possible compromises as both sides understand their mutual dependence and interconnection?

- What are the prospects for blocking the EU recovery funds for Poland and Hungary through triggering the “rule of law” conditionality? How could this impact future economic growth and business attractiveness? Where could Warsaw and Budapest source alternative funds to finance their recovery plans and at what cost?

- What are the main risks and opportunities for international investors in Central Europe? Is the political and economic nationalism of populist governments necessarily damaging for foreign businesses? Are there sectors that remain immune to political headwinds and still present a competitive advantage?

- How strong and pro-European are the anti-establishment movements in the region? Will the new Czech government signal major policy changes? Will opposition in Hungary and Poland be able to consolidate sufficiently to win over the populist incumbents in the elections of 2022 and 2023?

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