We will discuss how the French priorities of “relance, puissance, appartenance” will shape the EU digital and industrial agenda.

The participants will also explore the following questions:

  • The first priority - “relance” (recovery) - looks to reform the economic model of Europe and review the balance between industrial and competition policy. Will this priority revitalise the “European champion” agenda?
  • The second priority - “puissance” (power) - aims to strengthen the EU as an economic and digital power. Does this priority mean continuity with the Commission’s tech sovereignty agenda or something new?
  • The third priority - “appartenance” (belonging) - is designed to develop EU citizens’ sense of belonging to Europe. Will this priority be limited to symbols or lead to concrete policy proposals? Does this priority mean an increased focus on culture and values in EU digital policy?


  • Pierre Chastanet, Head of Unit Cloud and Software, European Commission
  • Claire Dilé, Digital Policy coordinator, Renaissance delegation, European Parliament
  • Georgina Wright, Senior Fellow and Director of Europe Program, Institut Montaigne
  • Franck Thomas, Senior Associate, Global Counsel

The future of cancer screening


Digital panel discussion with Matthew Swindells, GC Senior Adviser (Chair); Professor Stephen Duffy, Cancer Specialist Member, UK National Screening Committee; Professor Dorota Gertig, Medical Director for Population Health, Telstra Health; Noel Gordon, Chair, Telstra Health UK Strategic Council; Senior representative from NHS England (TBC), to discuss the future of cancer screening services.


Regulating the future workplace: join us online


Digital panel discussion with Darren Jones MP, Chair of the Commons Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) Select Committee; Mary Towers, Future of Employment Regulation Lead at the Trades Union Congress (TUC); Dom Hallas, Executive Director at the Coalition for a Digital Economy (Coadec); and Max von Thun, Future of Work lead at Global Counsel to discuss our Future of Work survey findings and report.