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Stuck in the middle: the MENA perspective on US-China relations


This episode is part of our annual conference 'The Politics of'. This year's edition, 'The Politics of Decoupling', will present a global perspective on China’s industrial and political strategy for the next decade, and how it will affect its relationship with western-aligned countries.

It will be convened online on February 3rd. Please click here to see the full programme and secure your place.

Looking at the MENA region, Isabelle Trick, Ahmed Helal and Jens Presthus discuss the implications of rising US-China tensions on the geopolitics of the Gulf.

They take a deep dive into the growing economic interdependency between the Gulf and China, especially on energy security and joint infrastructure development, and how that affects the Gulf’s historic strategic relationship with the US, traditionally the region’s security guarantor of choice.

They focus in particular on the sensitivities of technological cooperation between the Gulf and China in the areas of 5G roll-out and the procurement of advanced weaponry.

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