Navigating the Global Trading System Crisis: What Businesses Need to Know

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In a new joint report, Carlos Gutierrez, Co-Chair of Albright Stonebridge Group, and Peter Mandelson, Chair of Global Counsel, warn business leaders that in the current crisis in the international trading system, companies and investors will need to develop new tools to safely navigate and mitigate risks. They urge business leaders to become more effective in advocating for open trade and investment policies with their home governments and in developing and executing their own corporate foreign policies. 

Gutierrez and Mandelson, two architects of the current global trading system, have published “Navigating the Global Trading System Crisis: What Businesses Need to Know” in partnership with the Singapore Summit in advance of its annual conference of business and government leaders.

In this report, they chart the structural and political forces that have led to the current crisis of the global trading system, highlighting a confluence of factors – from the impact of globalization and technological change on lower-skilled manufacturing jobs in industrialized countries to China’s rise up the global value chain.

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