Practice Lead, TMT
Conan D'Arcy

Conan leads Global Counsel’s TMT practice. Conan has worked both in Brussels and Whitehall, as a political and legislative adviser. Before joining Global Counsel, he was Special Adviser to the British Deputy Prime Minister on technology, trade and the European Union and, prior to this, spent several years as a political adviser in the European Parliament to senior MEPs on international trade and financial services legislation.

Conan coordinates Global Counsel’s support for technology, media and telecommunications clients. He has advised leading companies on a range of policy challenges including: the impact of Brexit on the e-commerce and software sectors; competition, consolidation and investment frameworks in telecoms markets; employment policy and the ‘gig economy’; and the impact of data protection, localisation and cybersecurity legislation. 

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EU infrastructure policy: Key considerations for investors

Energy & Commodities

A key challenge for the European Union’s 2019-2024 policy cycle will be to secure a larger share of the economic opportunities offered by new technologies, in a more explicit race with the United States and China. Hopes in the previous cycle that this could be secured by a new generation of start-ups and by establishing the EU as a global regulator are being replaced by a…

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Information quality in the age of AI


The initial promise of the internet age was for a free and open space to exchange information. However the advent of algorithm-driven content raises important questions about what we see, how much we share a common information landscape and the reliability of what we rely on for news.

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The future of cyber resilience in UK financial services

Financial Services

The Global Counsel TMT and financial services teams served as the rapporteurs for the 2018 UK Finance Cyber Resilience Leaders’ Summit, held at Wilton Park on 8-9 October 2018. With cybersecurity now second only to political risk as one of the key challenges facing the UK financial sector, this two day gathering of the industry’s leading practitioners under the auspices…

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Fear and loathing in data protection


All eyes in the tech community in Europe and beyond are fixed on 25th May 2018 when the EU’s General Data Protection Agreement (GDPR) finally enters into force. But many are misunderstanding what is driving the agenda here - focusing on the apparent loathing of big tech in Brussels when, in truth, the European Commission is driven more by fear of failure.

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