Practice Lead, Climate & Sustainability
Elizabeth Beall

Elizabeth leads Global Counsel’s work on climate and sustainability. She has more than a decade of experience advising corporates, investors, governments and NGOs on areas including climate finance, ESG screening and reporting, green building, sustainable transport, waste and resource management, and agriculture, forestry and food supply chains. 

She has served as an advisor to the United Nations Committee on World Food Security and to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Prior to joining the UN system, Elizabeth held a range of roles working in private consulting, development finance, and environmental advocacy throughout Latin America, Africa, and Asia focused on climate change and sustainability.

At Global Counsel, Elizabeth leads teams advising corporates, investors, foundations, and small businesses on navigating climate and sustainability policy, assisting clients with understanding both the risks and opportunities. 

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Rolling back or building back better?


As governments globally introduce emergency support to combat the impacts of covid-19, there have been calls to ensure this is aligned with environmental, social, and governance (ESG) objectives. However, covid-19 has also prompted many governments to lift or suspend regulations to reduce burdens on corporates. Where does the balance lie? Global Counsel is tracking ESG…

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The next frontier in ESG: race, policing and diversity

General Policy

The current wave of activism around race, racial awareness and diversity is certain to impact on ESG – particularly as the ‘S’ aspect gains in prominence due to covid-19. The social components of ESG policies and strategies have in the past largely focused on attention to human rights and labour conditions, but the list of what is included is expanding. While…

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Risks under the radar: Anticipating supply chain risks for the UK food and drink sector


The 2018 shortage of CO2 highlighted the large scale reliance on CO2 in the food and drink industry and the fragility of the supply chain delivering CO2 into the market. In this report commissioned by the Food and Drink Federation, Global Counsel examines other potential risks that may currently be underestimated within the food and drink sector and sets forth a framework…

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