Associate Director

Felix is an Associate Director in the global investor services practice. Before joining Global Counsel, Felix worked on a range of policy areas at the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, working in the Gender Equality Unit and briefing various Ministers of State. Prior to the FCO, he worked at an educational technology start-up in London. Felix holds an MPhil in International Relations and Politics from the University of Cambridge.

At GC, Felix works with family offices, sovereign wealth, private equity and hedge funds to help them understand how policy, regulation, politics and economics shape a range of markets, transactions and issues. He has also led internal efforts to establish GC’s social impact programme. 

Recent examples of his work include: 

  • Providing thought leadership on socioeconomic issues and engagement strategy support to a multi-billion-dollar family office.
  • Advising a private equity firm on how to diversify the supply chain of a target firm to mitigate political and policy risk. 
  • Providing a pension fund with analysis of how the reopening of international tourism might play out during the pandemic.

Latest Insights by Felix Cazalet

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“Nothing and no one is off the table”: a new UK approach to individual sanctions and dirty money?

Financial Services

UK foreign secretary Liz Truss has declared that nothing is off-limits in terms of sanctioning individuals to put pressure on Putin and his Ukraine policy. In this week’s podcast, we ask how far this no-holds barred approach is true, not just in Russia but also more broadly. Has Russia’s invasion of Ukraine fundamentally changed the UK’s willingness to go after “the bad…

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What we can learn from the rush to repay the business rates relief

General Policy

Last week, the UK supermarket chain Tesco decided to repay £585m of business rates relief received in the covid-19 pandemic. Other major UK supermarkets and retailers rapidly followed. By Friday, they had vowed to return a total of £1.8 bn. Tesco’s chairman John Allan argued that “giving this money back to the public is absolutely the right thing to do” and was widely…

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ESG in private equity: will integration tools be matched by pressure to use them?

General Policy

Covid-19 is likely to accelerate pressures for the meaningful integration of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors into the private equity (PE) industry. The twin dynamics of a greater public focus on investors’ ESG credentials and an increased scrutiny of the PE industry writ large could combine to encourage greater use of existing integration tools. With…

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