Senior Associate

Jas is a Senior Associate in the Energy practice at Global Counsel. He has worked across the UK Civil Service and the Confederation of British Industry in roles spanning policy and public affairs with a focus on climate and energy issues. Before joining GC, he led the UK Government’s strategic communications efforts as part of its hosting of COP26.

At GC, Jas focuses on analysing EU and UK policy within the energy sector including on issues relating to renewable power. 

Recent examples of his work include:

  • Advising companies and investors on the prospects for gas rationing across EU member states, through analysis of the policy landscape, identifying potential funding opportunities and advising on timely engagements with the right decision makers. 
  • Working with a power generator to understand the evolving energy policy landscape for biomass, CCS and BECCs across Europe, identifying relevant policy hooks for potential entry points.
  • Supporting clients across the EU & UK to understand priorities for electricity market reform, including creating the right investment signals into renewable energy. 

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Reform or revolution? Europe’s energy choices in 2023

Energy & Commodities

This week’s EU energy council comes at an inflection point in the energy crisis. It will be a moment to take stock of progress on short-term challenges:  the new gas storage regulation means underground gas storage is above 95%; demand-side measures for gas and electricity have reduced gas consumption by 15% since August; and LNG supplies hit a new record of 109 bcm…

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General Politics

Unpacking von der Leyen’s state of the EU

General Politics

The President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, delivered her third state of the European Union speech on September 14th before the European Parliament, giving sight of her priorities for 2023 and using a rare public platform to speak more directly to audiences beyond the immediate EU stakeholders. 

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