Senior Director
Stephen Adams

Stephen is a Senior Director of Global Counsel. Stephen has more than 15 years of experience in European and British public policy and regulation, chiefly in the field of international economic policy, trade policy, cross-border financial services policy and European integration.

He has advised senior politicians and policymakers in roles in the European Parliament, European Commission and Whitehall on a range of business policy and trade issues, generally with a focus on cross-border issues. He has also been an Executive Director of Goldman Sachs International, based in London.

At Global Counsel, Stephen leads teams advising Global Counsel clients navigating EU and UK policymaking and politics, anticipating and adapting to political and policy change. He has advised clients across a wide range on policy areas and strategic challenges, generally with a cross-border dimension, from banks adapting to a diverging landscape of financial services regulation to global manufacturers anticipating the challenges of a UK exit from the EU single market.

Stephen works with the leaders of many of Global Counsel’s clients to deepen and refine their understanding and engagement with the policy process.

Stephen also oversees Global Counsel’s output of public analysis and commentary. 

Stephen is an Honorary Fellow in the Global Governance Institute of the Department of Politics at University College London.

Latest Insights by Stephen Adams

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The Politics of Trade

Trade & Manufacturing

Global Counsel held its second annual ‘Politics of…’conference on 16 January 2020, focusing on trade. Panellists from across business, government and civil society debated the implications of dramatic political and technological change on trade policy. 

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UK investment policy

Trade & Manufacturing

The International Trade Committee has published the report of its inquiry into post-Brexit international investment arrangements: UK investment policy. The report reviews a wide range of important international investment issues linked to the UK’s exit from the EU.

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EU-China trade defence: the politics of legal ambiguity

Trade & Manufacturing

China’s recent withdrawal of its challenge to the EU’s new methodology for calculating domestic prices in trade defence cases concerning China sidesteps what was looking like a probable defeat in the WTO. In doing so it leaves a measure of ambiguity in an important part of the WTO rulebook. The EU might have preferred a clear win, but no clear judgement also serves an…

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Is technology changing what a company is?

General Policy

The company has long been the cornerstone of advanced capitalism, providing an imperfect but acceptable equilibrium between workers, executives and governments. In this podcast, Senior Director, Stephen Adams, and Practice Lead, Tom King, discuss how new technologies are knocking firms off balance, as elite workers seek different forms of compensation beyond the material.

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