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Ugonma is a Senior Associate in the TMT practice at Global Counsel, working in Washington, DC. Prior to joining GC, Ugonma was a researcher at the Center for Global Development (CGD) where she executed projects on technology policy issues including, but not limited to, data protection and privacy, cross-border data flows, and digital trade. Before joining CGD, she worked as a policy researcher with UN Women, identifying ways the UK can harness digital technology to achieve gender equality. She has also conducted pro bono research for the Commonwealth Secretariat on digital transformation solutions for Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands.

At Global Counsel, she works with a range of tech clients and investors, helping them navigate pressing US tech policy issues including, but not limited to, data protection and privacy, AI, cybersecurity, and supply chain resilience.

Recent examples of her work include:

  • Providing corporate clients with policy monitoring and analyses of the US tech policy landscape. 
  • Supporting investor clients in political and regulatory due diligence work on targets in the US, including in the tech sector.
  • Mapping out the relevant US stakeholders across government, think tanks, and academia for a client addressing global industrial challenges.

Latest Insights by Ugonma Nwankwo

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The shifting dynamics between US Republicans and the tech industry

General Policy

Among many disruptive shifts in US politics over the last decade, the relationship between Republicans and Big Tech has been part of a wider shift in Republican positioning that includes trade, media, culture, and foreign policy. With the 2024 elections presenting a real possibility for Republicans to emerge with a stronger hold on Congress and possibly the White House,…

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What the DOJ’s antitrust case against Google means for the future of the tech industry


This week, a landmark antitrust case between the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) antitrust division and Google began, marking the most significant legal challenge to a tech monopoly since the DOJ took on Microsoft in the 1990s. The case focuses on allegations that Google violated antitrust laws by using its dominance to enter into exclusive agreements with mobile phone…

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