The future of work and labour with the Financial Times' Sarah O'Connor


Top in Tech is now weekly! In each episode, we'll be covering the week's biggest tech policy story with an expert from our GC team. We'll also continue to host thought leaders and industry experts for monthly in-depth conversations about the future of tech regulation.

The covid-19 pandemic has reshaped many employees' relationships with the office, with many having grown climatised to a remote working environment. Meanwhile, early regulatory skirmishes between governments and disruptive 'gig economy' startups have been complicated by rising interest rates and a tech sector-wide push for profitability.

This week, Senior Practice Director Conan D'Arcy is joined by one of the leading minds on the present and future of work. Sarah O'Connor is a columnist, reporter and associate editor at the Financial Times. They discuss working rights for on-demand workers, the policy response to ill health in the workplace and the policy agenda of a future Labour government.

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