Doing more for less: how can the UK government transform its use of data?


The last few years have had a transformative effect on the UK public sector. The pandemic exacerbated existing inefficiencies and highlighted a lack of digital and data-led systems across Whitehall, while conversely demonstrating the potential of digitisation in the public sector and the opportunities which stem from a data-led approach. 

As we look forward to the next general election, our technology, media and telecoms team, led by Senior Associate Poppy Woodcock, has produced an original report making recommendations to a future government focused on seizing the opportunities from greater technology deployment. This includes delivering better and more efficient public services, ensuring accountability for delivery, and streamlining procurement. 

The report identifies the strong need for a ministerial champion to drive change across government and combat the current siloed nature of data in Whitehall. It sets out the ambitious goal of proactive public services, with technology identifying those most in need who are missing out on support and tackling fraudulent claims. It also considers what the government must do in order to deploy artificial intelligence across departments, creating huge efficiencies in administrative tasks and making it easier for civil servants to make fully evidenced decisions. 
Global Counsel convened a working group of leading business associations and technology companies with significant experience of providing technology services to national, devolved, and local government whose observations were used to inform our report. Interviews with thought leaders and government officials working in this space also contributed to the report.

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