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ERT 2024 Benchmarking Report - A snapshot of Europe's competitiveness at a critical time

The European Round Table for Industry (ERT) Benchmarking Report 2024 has been produced in collaboration with Global Counsel.

In a few months, the European elections and subsequent appointment of a new European Commission will reveal the EU’s focus for the second half of this decade. In the immediacy, all eyes are on Professor Mario Draghi, in anticipation of his forthcoming report on Competitiveness, due in July, to how it might set the tone for the EU’s work programme.

At the same time, the EU must face the challenges of increased geopolitical fragmentation, a new era of digital transformation and the green transition, and the impact of these challenges on the ability to do business, invest and operate in the EU.  

The 2024 benchmarking report reflects on these challenges and brings together 38 KPIs to shine a light on the current state of play of Europe’s competitiveness vis-à-vis its global peers and competitors.

Download the report here.

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