Global Counsel supports ECI in its successful exit from 4ways

Global Counsel was delighted to support ECI Partners with the sale of 4ways, a leading UK and European tele-diagnostic company, to Evidia, a radiology and radiotherapy services provider in Germany, Sweden and Norway, with the backing of EQT Infrastructure. 

To help buyers appraise the risks and opportunities facing the sector, we analysed the structural and regulatory impacts affecting NHS radiology services and political appetite for tech-enabled private services. 

Matt Bevington, Practice Director, Regulatory and Political Due Diligence said:

 “It is always fascinating to assess the tailwinds and headwinds facing innovative services so crucial for public health. 80% of hospital pathways depend upon medical imaging to provide accurate diagnosis and guide surgical and other treatments and 4ways plays an important role in providing urgent reporting 24/7 and bringing down elective care waiting lists. We explored how recent changes, including the introduction of Integrated Care Systems and Community Diagnostic Centres, may impact demand for this service and the degree to which this could change if Labour are successful at the next election. In consultation with experts, we also assessed the growing role AI is playing in healthcare and the question of its regulation.”

Global Counsel helps investors to understand political and regulatory risks and opportunities to inform any transaction (both buy and sell side). These are likely to include businesses whose revenue model is reliant to a certain degree on policy, and those where the rules of the game are set by government.

Understanding these opportunities and risk helps to both maximise opportunities and mitigate challenges. We also provide a range of strategic advisory services to businesses beyond the transaction stage. 

Please contact Matt Bevington for any further details about this specific project, and/ or Global Counsel’s wider work: [email protected]