Thursday 26 January 2023 |
Event type
In Person

The Politics of Food: the view from London

Our co-chairs, Peter Mandelson and Stephen Adams were joined by senior policymakers, industry leaders, and the international community to discuss:

  • The biggest challenges in making food sustainable
  • The main ways in which the rise of ESG is playing out in food and agriculture
  • The key themes in the public health debate on food
  • The big incoming policy questions on diet and food


Guest speaker
Henry Dimbleby

Co-founder of Leon, Food Campaigner and Speaker on creating a sustainable national food strategy

Guest speaker
Emily Miles

Chief Executive, the Food Standards Agency on regulating food at times of innovation and insecurity

Guest speaker
Anna Taylor

Executive Director, The Food Foundation

Guest speaker
Professor Tim Spector

Scientific Co-Founder, ZOE on the public health debate

Guest speaker
Karen Betts OBE

Chief Executive, The Food and Drink Federation

Guest speaker
Stefano Agostini

CEO of Nestle UK & Ireland on environmental sustainability in food systems

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