The next European Political Cycle

General Politics

Our report looks ahead to the start of a new European political cycle in 2024, with changes in the college of Commissioners, a new European Parliament, a new President of the European Council and perhaps a new Commission President. It also considers the coming set of challenges for European businesses and civil society to ensure their arguments and evidence are relevant to a new political agenda.

Key insights from the report:

  • The European Council in 2024 will be more fragmented than in 2019. Unless there are changes of government in Spain or Poland, none of the big five EU member states will be led by the EPP, a real weakening of its hand. 
  • There will be a shift in priorities in the next political cycle but the detail on issues like enlargement and competitiveness will be hotly contested.
  • The balance between openness and autonomy will continue to be contested in the debate on open strategic autonomy.

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