Media Coverage

Media Coverage

The Times
| Fool’s errand for Tories to set sights on winning over youth vote

Coonservative HQ are agonising over how to create powerful digital content to lure young people into voting blue and the chancellor’s supposedly considering a “youth budget”. At the same time, a number of attempts to create a Conservative Momentum have been launched over the last few weeks. The efforts are noble but videos and posts with centre-right messages, a few token youth schemes at the next budget and enthusiastic but naïve young Conservatives are never going to generate the same traction as left-wing equivalents.

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The Wall Street Journal
| Trade Tribunals Draw Ire Outside Nafta, Too

Dispute-resolution boards have become a lightning rod for opponents of globalization from across the political spectrum.

“This issue has been drawn into a much wider debate about globalization,” said Stephen Adams, a former European Union trade official now with U.K.-based advisory firm Global Counsel. “It reflects a level of public and political concern about large firms and their lawyers seeking to dictate what the EU and other governments can regulate and how.”

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Global Trade Review
| UK outlines “fantasy” post-Brexit customs position

The UK has issued a position paper on future customs arrangements with the EU following Brexit.

“In its basic proposal for using technology to facilitate trade processing at a future EU-UK border, what the UK is proposing is fairly sensible and plausible,” says senior director at think tank Global Counsel, Stephen Adams. “However, its more radical ideas raise more questions than they answer.”

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The Sunday Telegraph
| Aviation needs to address arguments over Brexit

In an era when business leaders are said to be shorn of personality and charisma the British aviation market stands out as an exception. Dame Carolyn McCall, the outgoing CEO of easyJet, is a case in point (declaration time – she was the CEO when I chaired the Guardian Media Group).  

She leaves in her condensation trail an industry that is struggling to come to terms with the impact of Brexit, and which has perhaps more than any other taken advantage of European integration over the past 40 years.

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Financial Times
| ‘Status quo’ Brexit transition plan reflects cabinet power grab

While Theresa May is walking in the Italian Alps, ministers are working out Brexit strategy in her absence. By the time she returns, a grand bargain in her cabinet to deliver Britain’s exit from the EU will have taken shape.

“It is almost impossible in my experience to find a European official who thinks the conditions for a transition can be negotiated at any level of detail,” said Stephen Adams, a former EU trade official now at the Global Counsel advisory group.

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| Business casts doubt on UK-US post-Brexit trade deal

The transatlantic trade deal U.S. President Donald Trump is offering U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May will ultimately prove easy to promise and hard to deliver.

Still, the effort will be worth it, said Gregor Irwin, chief economist at Global Counsel. He identified the US as one of the UK’s prime targets for striking a deal. He calculated that the total value of US imports expanded faster than those of other major economies in 2010-2015 and that although the US has modest average tariff barriers with the UK, the scale of trade means current barriers are still significant.

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Insider Media
| Palatine in the saddle at cycling education firm

A West Midlands-based provider of road user and cycling education courses, which works with 11 police forces across the country and has 123 staff, has secured investment from Palatine Private Equity.

Palatine was advised by Catalyst Corporate Finance, Gateley and RSM with due diligence provided by Grant Thornton, Fairgrove Partners, Global Counsel, Marsh and The Berkeley Partnership. Debt facilities were provided by Santander Corporate and Commercial Banking.

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Financial Times
| UK political risks cast pall over FTSE 100

The UK represents the single biggest source of political risk for Britain’s largest listed companies even excluding challenges associated with Brexit, according to an analysis of the annual reports of FTSE 100 firms. 

Nearly half of the UK-based risks facing companies concerned public policies, according to advisory firm Global Counsel, which analysed the reports. Gregor Irwin, chief economist at Global Counsel, said there had been a big increase in “soft” political risks around public policy, fiscal policy and legal and ethical risks.  

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Dow Jones
| Baffled by Brexit: with so much unknown, London bankers struggle to plan

The City of London is back in the dark over Brexit after this month's U.K. general election muddied the outlook for the U.K.'s departure from the European Union. Banking chiefs here have been left to wonder whether to accelerate plans to move operations into the EU.

The likelihood of the U.K. crashing out of the EU without a deal has increased, but equally so has the chance Britain could push for closer ties with the trading bloc, analysts and bankers say. "A lot is open to debate again," says Stephen Adams, a partner at consultancy Global Counsel.

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