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Rishi  Patel

Rishi advises corporate and investor clients on advocacy, campaigns and political risk. Rishi specialises in the politics and policy of the UK,  but also works across other markets, most notably Italy. Rishi has a varied client base including high growth tech firms, private equity funds, retail and investment banks, and large global multinationals. He works closely with the senior team as an analyst and writer to develop Global Counsel thinking on a range of topics, notably UK financial services & tech policy, the UK Labour party, and politics of Italy. 

Rishi has a background in political consulting and strategic communications, having worked for FTI Consulting, Brunswick, and other boutique PR firms. In addition to his native English, Rishi speaks Italian, French and Gujarati, as well as basic Spanish and Hindi. 

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Labour and the future of corporate regulation

General Policy

UK: Global Counsel team members Rishi Patel, Matthew Duhan and Adam Terry discuss the prospects for a Labour government, and what it could mean for businesses and investors, particularly in the energy and financial services sectors.

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When the UK Parliament returns: four predictions

General Politics

Today’s summer recess in Westminster marks the end of a chaotic and tumultuous parliamentary session, which has concluded in a hamstrung government and a lame-duck Prime Minister. The next session is likely to be as unpredictable, with a series of legislative compromises, and Brexit taking up the majority of Parliamentary airtime. But what exactly can we expect from the…

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