Senior Associate
Rosie Hill

Rosie is a Senior Associate in the health and life sciences team. Prior to joining Global Counsel, she worked in the civil service and the NHS.

At GC, Rosie works with corporates and investors in the pharmaceutical, health tech and health services sectors to understand and navigate policy and political challenges.

Recent examples of her work include:

  • Analysing NHS and government health policies. 
  • Supporting clients in the pharmaceutical sector to engage with the UK government on R&D.  
  • Working with investors to navigate risks and opportunities in the health system.

Latest Insights by Rosie Hill

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How exposed is the global health system to geopolitical tensions?

Health and Life Sciences

The COVID-19 pandemic has shone a light on the fragility of the public health systems that we take for granted. As the virulence of the pandemic begins to abate across much of the world, how exposed – or prepared – are counties for the impact of war, economic sanctions, political isolation and new migratory patterns on existing health structures and systems? 

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The politics and policy of Omicron in the UK

Health and Life Sciences

Since Omicron was first located just over a week ago – first reported to be found in South Africa, although reports have suggested that the variant was present in the Netherlands earlier than this – several countries have stepped up and responded quickly to reduce international travel and reintroduce domestic restrictions.

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